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Searching for Robotics/STEM Classes for your child. Congrats!! you are at the right place. The alpha level is for school students of ages 7+

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Are you a college student or a professional want to learn about exciting futuristic technologies, just click the arrow below!!

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For each of your acievements in the learning process, stand a chance to win exciting prizes.

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Welcome to the all fun filled learning experience, each and every section of your learning is crafted with fun games to make your progress not only knowledgeable but also fun filled

Learning Couldn't be Awesome and Fun More than this.

Ya!! EngineeingMonk Platform is fuly fun enriched. Learn while you play.....Fully loaded with fun interactive games, puzzles and much more. Access from any device..Or through our dedicated android app

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Don't worry with cutting edge One to One attention. The Learning path is full of excitement. Interact with Experts while learning. Doubt clearance, now just at a click!!

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Get the most, with carefully crafted course contents designed by experts for the future experts.
Win Exciting Awards
Why only knowledge? Let's make it more interesting win exciting prizes at each step of your learning path.
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Enter the community of present and future Innovators, Show case your innovations to the outer world. Present your Innvations at annual fest
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Earn a Certificate by completing the final project. Get your career more secured.
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